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a speeding meteor on a crash course in russia. an extraordinary start to a day headed for the cosmic history books. good morning, the rare event captured the world's attention but unfortunately it caused major destruction and injuries. almost a thousand people are hurt in the aftermath of the meteor exploding over siberia, 950 miles east of now. abc7 news and katie marzullo is live with new dramatic video. >> the video of the meteor streaking across the sky is incredible enough. now we are seeing how dangerous the moment it entered the atmosphere was from a new point, almost a direct hit, a man walking through a warehouse is barely missed by a large glass window exploding right if his path. elsewhere, a giant door is ripped from the structure as easy as tearing a paper from a pad and the destruction is not from the immediate danger of the meteor but from the boom. >> there will be a sonic boom as it heats up and that will break the glass. >> flying glass caused most injuries 1,000 people have sought treatment and dozens are in the hospital. the russian academy of science estimates that the i
for the season. vonn will compete in the winter olympics in russia and in the spotlight if reports she is dating golfer tiger woods who is not competing at pen -- pebble beach. >> a five-year-old boy rescued from a hostage situation is spending his first full day with his family. a murdering kidnapper held the child captive in a bunker underground for a week. he is laughing and joking and playing with his family. this is a picture of the five-year-old ethan obtained by abc news. we have the latest on the story. >> it was the happy ending. an entire nation was hoping for this. >> after being rescued from a bunker and unharmed five-year-old, sitting up, on a stretcher, being wheeled to safety. the boy, named ethan, with a mild follow of. >> dix and adhd was held hostage for a week. today his family says he is doing just fine. >> he is happy to be home. he is very exciteed. like i said he is happy to be home and he looks good. >> his great aunt and uncle shared their relief and joy. >> if i could i would do cartwheels down the road. >> residents celebrated. >> we are truly blessed, truly blessed. >
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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